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Big-tittied Latina masturbating on her bed

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

A pretty Latina chick wanted to show how horny she is, reason why we have her video featured here today on As you can see, she is fully naked and she’s sitting comfortably on her bed while filming her kinky self. We were told that this is actually one of her favorite pastimes, you know, to finger-fuck her pussy and, yes, even the part where she gets to catch everything on tape and share it to a community that’s hotness-worthy. That’s why she’s here in Girlfriend Orgasms — she ought to be here and grace our pages with her fucking sexy body, those pair of big breasts that could suffocate a throbbing dick, and of course, her awesome horniness, which brought you here.

She did include a little note with this video. It says that she was awfully bored when she did this and so with all her love for people who dedicate their precious time in watching videos like this one, she cares enough to not let you drown in your own boring planets. She even added an emoticon with its tongue sticking out. How I’d love to be that annoying piece of smiley and make that tongue work its way up and down her pussy. Fuck her twat with it too, if only she could take that filthy finger out of the way. But since I got so damn hard watching her play with herself and actually heard some faint moans in between, I’d let her do her thing and just enjoy the view while I tend to my own needy juicy meat. Watch her here and visit other hotties who are sure to heat up and probably burn your pants down.

Sexy teen fucks her tight pussy with a carrot

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

While browsing through a magazine with my favorite bitchy chicks in it, I happen to come across one of the hottest sex symbols (at least for my taste), which I gladly gave some extra time jacking off to. I was looking at the photos of the steamy weird but gorgeous (and sexy) Eliza Dushku. Yes she’s weird in a sense coz I’ve seen her play the role of this, would you believe, a hot chick working in a morgue, in a TV series called Tru Calling. And I’m telling you this because this young teen we are featuring here today in Girlfriend Orgasms kinda look like her. Again, at least to me. This little fact that I discovered would eventually make me want to fantasize about Eliza even more. And, yep! Am afraid I can never look at her the same way again because of this kinky teen who likes to do the dirty deed with a vegetable. No, I’m not talking about a loser who’s got his dick in a limp mode, but I’m actually referring to the real thing – a real vegetable. This pretty slut reveals her young and tender body with the perfect curves and all, then exposes her pussy while she sits on a comfy chair. She spreads her nice legs and, opening her tight pussy a bit, she inserts the innocent carrot inside it and gently pushes it as far as it can go. And of course, she continued to fuck her twat for minutes to an hour or two ‘til she gets the hang of the new discovery that she now calls one of her favorite hobbies. I told you before, that if you click on, you will always be given lots of yummy treats and not to forget, surprises like this that you don’t get to see elsewhere. This young slut’s photo collection can be seen here so waste no time, view all of them now.