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Chick masturbates using cellphone vibrator

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Another unique naughty chick for you from us here at! As the title states, this video is about a very bitchy and busty girlfriend who thought of another way on how she’d please herself when her dildo and typical vibrator appears to become a bore. I never imagined that this day will come that someone so horny could even think about fucking themselves with a gadget that can literally say “Oh, Hello there!”. But of course, it’s not nice to fantasize about that coz that sounds wee bit creepy. And it takes just a wee bit of creepiness to take out all the kinkiness that you built up using those hormones so you better make sure that you got your battery fully charged for full performance and switch it to silent mode. That way, when you are about to climax, you won’t hear your damn phone ring (or talk) and make you lose your concentration. Besides, it’ll be too annoying to hear something emitting from either your twat or ass, right? Unless of course you got some hunky dude for company who likes to spend time down there and make you moan and scream ’til you beg him for more.

Oh, and this new style of masturbating isn’t the only one that got me wanking my dick for the third time already, this has got to do with this chick‘s breasts too. I mean, c’mon, just look at the size of those! I could suffocate in between those. They’re made for a lot os purposes and I am so eager to try the rest that’s on my list of things to do. Hmm… sheesh, Girlfriend Orgasms is indeed the best place to go if you want to watch someone fucking themselves and these videos will make you play with yourselves too. Visit here to view how the lucky mobile phone got a taste of that sweet pussy and watch other horny gals dig their twats with anything they get a hold of.

Horny GFs who love masturbating

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

It is quite obvious, what we have here in Girlfriend Orgasms, and these are the vast amount of babes who get so horny that they end up doing all these crazy shits to themselves. Yes, of course, it’s about them masturbating whenever they feel alone or stressed or just plain naughty. We’ve seen a lot of girls who submit their photos, showing different kinds of styles on how they please themselves, and this is one hell of a set that I bet you will like. From the classic fingering to the hot dildoing down to the wild insertion of other things in those tight cunts, like a banana or a baseball bat, or even a friggin’ live sea bass. Sorry but we currently don’t have the baseball bat and the sea bass pictures here but those aren’t fake and I bet you’ve caught a glimpse of those before though. So anyway, is, once again, so damn proud of these new faces who aren’t afraid of showing the entire universe what they’re made of. Chicks who love to play and make us want to join in. And it’s not any ordinary game that kids can play.

Oh, don’t forget that we do have the chick who peeled this banana to fuck her pussy with. Ain’t this site fucking awesome? While you fantasize about eating these bitchescunts, you can actually get some yummy and healthy dessert after — just take a bite off that now creamed banana! This is of dual purpose, she gets satisfied from fucking herself and you get stuffed with pleasure as well. Just by looking at these orgasmic shots, you and your stiff dick could die happy with both a silly smile on your fucked up faces. Just imagine your cock smiling back at you for making it so friggin’ jolly that it puked a whole lot of jizz. Ok, enough of the cheesy crap, go here and mess up those sheets already!