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Girlfriends playing with their pussies

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Don’t act surprised with what Girlfriend Orgasms has in store for you today coz we are used to, more or less, seeing sizzling chicks who are quite experimental with how they please themselves. These photos will reveal the different ways of pussy stuffing. It’s easy to imagine or see a girl fingering her cunt coz it’s the very first step they take, the very first inexpensive way of masturbating. And then there’s a certain point where they kinda get used to the feel of something long and hard being pushed in and out of their pussy, then that’s the time that they use other means to masturbate. From those ever reliable fingers to various shapes and sizes of vibrators to fruits and vegetables all the way down to other inanimate objects (read: pens, hairbrush, soda cans, you name it) they’ll try it all. And I don’t exaggerate with the things I’ve written coz these chicks really use those stuff whenever they play with their pussies. The things I mentioned are even harmless as compared to getting fucked in the twat with a live bass or whatever’s shaped long, fat and hard. Yeah, it doesn’t even matter if it breathes or not, as long as it could please these horny bitches the way they wanted. caters to all types of tastes. That’s why we make it a point to provide you with pictures like this set. Comprised of real amateur chicks, young and horny, wild enough to show us all their masturbating skills. You’re only seeing some of the naughty babes I’ve gathered and I’m positive that you will crave for more so waste no more time and check them out here now.

Curvy hottie dildoing her twat by the staircase

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

First time I’ve watched this video, I seriously thought that this babe is a little suicidal. It’s quite obvious, from the looks of these screencaps, where she’s doing her dirty deed and it will just make you think what the hell’s wrong with her. Maybe she got locked out off her own room, in the nude, and made use of this chance of stuffing her twat with her dildo by the staircase. Funny though, she’s surprisingly equipped with a cam and the guts to do something productive about the current state she’s in. And I don’t blame the bastard who thought that it’s funny to play a prank like this on a hottie who knows how to handle emergency situations. Maybe the one who did this to her’s laughing his or her guts out but whoever that is is definitely clueless as to how this “victim” became an instant celebrity here in Nobody gets bullied here, they just get viewed, appreciated, and jizzed on.

As she spend time trying to figure how she’d use her quality time alone, she came up with a clever plan of playing with herself. She made this video, where she appears to be having lots of fun with her reliable dildo in her little steamy show. She placed her camera somewhere near this stairwell and found her spot near the steps. I don’t know what went through her head to even think that masturbating near the staircase is such a good idea. I kind of imagined if she losses balance from extreme pleasure, forgetting to hold on to the rails, hmmm… am not sure you’ll want to hear the end of it. So just watch the video here and I’ll let you create your own happy ending. Besides, this fucking awesome site’s about pleasing oneself, and you’re not exempted in that cool benefit. Visit Girlfriend Orgasms now to find more horny babes to wank your dong to.