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Busty babe masturbating

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

I knew you’d be back to witness another steamy Girlfriend Orgasms edition. You’re in luck if you’re one of the thousands of guys I know who drool over chicks who own pairs of big tits because that’s exactly what you’re going to see in all the pictures we have for you today. And of course, the main attraction — she loves to play with her warm and moist cunt. Obviously, that’s what you’ll find here but because we always wanted to give you only the best finds, each time you visit will always be worth your while.

Our featured girlfriend for today is a busty sporty one. She’s into a lot of sports, some of which involve balls, but it’s a different sport that she’s going to show us today and the only balls that you’ll be seeing are the ones in between your own legs. I think she may have just came from her hockey practice and she wanted to show off her skills with her jersey on. She’s got her fingers as her hockey stick and her pussy for her hockey rink. This is one game that makes both the players and its opponents happy because they both end up being winners and taking home their trophies. This chick knows her game well and she plays it quite fair. You can see in her photos how experienced she is (or well-practiced) around her own court. You can join her by clicking here and we’ll see who will win first or who’d beat the bush more.

Chick rubs her pussy with her panties on

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

I have always been a fan of dry humping but today here on Girlfriend Orgasms, you’ll get to watch a video of this kinky chick playing with her pussy while she still have her black lace panties on. The process is quite similar to dry humping, where a dude rubs his woody on a girl’s twat while, again, she still has her panties on. This dude will keep on rubbing ’til he makes the chick’s cunt warm and moist and ’til they both cum. This babe might find herself often alone and without someone to help her with her needs but she does find time filming her dirty deeds to be help those lonely guys out there who are in desperate need of “assistance”. Who wouldn’t want to watch this hot video over and over? She’s just too horny to handle her own sexual strength that she didn’t just cum while rubbing her clit, she managed a couple of squirts too. And yes, these all happened even without really touching her bare skin.

Her girl friends saw her one time when she thought no one was watching. She was experimenting on hitting her G-spot. When she finally did it and moaned in pleasure, she didn’t stop even if she was already staring at her amazed friends’ faces. This chick is definitely owned. That was the start of these horny girls’ exploration into the wild world of They’ll be sending in their very own homemade videos that’ll show you how they please themselves while they masturbate whenever, wherever. Browse for more here to get the freshest ideas on how you can help your amateur friends create their own masterpieces and share with us too.