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Fucking her shaven twat with a hairbrush

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

I honestly lost count of the babes here on who are so happy fucking their twats with their friggin’ hairbrushes. I bet you all agree that this is not the first video that you are about to watch where a kinky bitch would please herself using a hairbrush. Hmm… I guess the only difference with this and the rest of the hairbrush masturbating population is the fact that this girlfriend is not using her own but her boyfriend‘s. Yes, her BF’s. She got a boyfriend who sports a dreadlock-infested crown for almost two years now (and counting). Well, of course he doesn’t brush his locks anymore that’s why his bitch took the damned thing from him and made use of it in her most practical and sensual way. It’s no longer a secret as to how this slut spend her spare times with this lucky piece of shit in her hand. It’s so lucky (and pathetic coz it’s luckier than me) coz this babe would use it every single time she gets fuckin’ horny, which is like most of her waking hours. I’ve met girls like this and I get hooked on them in an instant. Girls who get turned on by inanimate objects and cum at the slightest pussy lick and suck (when they’re too horny and ready), would most likely make me explode faster than the typical chicks who’d suck a cock, touch themselves, and fake an orgasm. Pretty uncool, yeah… But there are still bitches like this. We just got extra lucky coz she submitted here in Girlfriend Orgasms and we know how to fully appreciate these kind of efforts, right? I’d like to get a hold of this infamous hairbrush dildo and take a couple of sniffs ’til I get fuckin’ high. I bet it smells of delicious female cum. I’ll just hope that she doesn’t wash this with soap and water too much. Now it’s your turn to watch her hot video here and enjoy every minute of it.

Amateur girlfriends play with their twats

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

You’re back here on Girlfriend Orgasms for yet another nerve-tingling picture compilation of kinky babes who has a great pleasure in playing with themselves — while we watch greedily. Having us watch them on the sidelines is actually a part of the pleasure that they inflict on themselves. They’re not necessarily exhibitionists coz they really don’t need to always see how we’d react to the wild things they do to themselves. These GFs just want to show what they do regardless of the number of spectators they’d attract. At first, they start by just fucking themselves up inside their homes and just leaving it as is but it would, almost always, boil down to the idea of immortalizing their sexy playtime and showing it to the world. Like what they do here now. What better way to make oneself famous, eh? They don’t fail us in this part and we’re happy about that, aren’t we? I like the fact that the girls we find are all very enthusiastic in exposing themselves while they masturbate when a chosen few aren’t really comfortable broadcasting their hot private moments. The chicks we have here are have been clicking on as much as the times they’ve been fingering their holes. It’s not that they’re lesbians and get pleasure from watching other girls play, it’s merely the desire of feeling a can of hairspray inside their pussies or a big hairbrush, or that lucky overgrown zucchini — which not all horny bitches would dare try. You can see all of them here. I’m sure they’re dying to meet you and your naughty hard shaft.

Naked GF masturbates and climaxes using a vibrator

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

I don’t know if these girls are just plain good at making me horny whether they got clothes on or not when they play with themselves or I’m simply just a super perverted creature who would hump anything that has a hole in it. Girlfriend Orgasms, though pretty much predictable with the kinds of good we have, would still surprise me and make me as horny as a stud. Well, maybe I am the latter and I’m not really ashamed of it because I know that all of you who are reading this now and read my previous posts are just as naughty as myself. Yeah, that’s why you’re back, eh? So today, let me introduce you to this busty chick who I fondly call Twist and Shout. If you watch her video here, you would understand the concept behind the pet name. But if you can’t seem to find the connection, then, I have to tell you. See, she’s fucking her cunt up with her vibrator and it seems like she is twisting it while inside her twat. And for the Shout part, obviously she’s enjoying her moment, moaning and shouting (talking even) to some invisible dude. If she could only see how much of us are watching her right now and jerking off to her kinky hobby, she would at least address a name as she drills her tight hole instead of just talking to the entire lot. I think I will try to make her say my name and make this video mine, what do you think? Ok, ok, I won’t hog the opportunity just because I have the easier access. Of course I’m delighted to share this with all of you. Be sure to bookmark so you can go back anytime you need to. I assure you that we will have lots more to give and you would want to drill my sorry ass coz of happiness.